Stalking strangers

Sometimes it is surprising just what can be found on-line, and at other times its pretty frustrating what cannot.  For example, try to find a living person of voting age and its pretty easy to find most people's address from the electoral role (available on subscription from Find My Past,, etc.)  But try to find their phone number and its nigh-on impossible.  I presume that is all driven by over zealous tele-marketing which causes people to want to be ex-directory.  So to get in touch with a stranger, I have to write to them and hope my letter doesn't get discarded with the junk mail.   

Anyway, the reason for the rant is that I have finally found time this weekend to write to two people who I think maybe the sons of two avid Spurrett researchers from years ago.  It has literally taken years to track these people down so I have dropped the letters in the post-box and I am keeping my fingers crossed to hear back from them. 

Another little gem I want to share is that I just bought a copy of the second edition of the Historical Atlas of Berkshire that is absolutely brilliant and packed with far more information that I expected on my part of South Oxfordshire which used to be in Berkshire.  I guess I am a more of a pictures and diagrams sort of learner - its the engineer in me!  

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