Bampton, Oxfordshire

The Bampton Spurretts descend from Richard SPURRIT b.1781, brother of Robert SPURRIT of Hexham. Richard was a traveller and road mender who eventually settled in Bampton after winning a contract to maintain three bridges leading into Bampton. Richard’s eldest son followed his uncle into military service.  His next eldest son, Thomas ran several businesses in Bampton during the nineteenth century including a shop, coal merchants, and public house.  This established the Spurretts as a leading working-class family in Bampton.  However, as the rural economy suffered following enclosures and the industrial revolution, life was not easy.  Richard Spurrett b.1829, son of Thomas, headed to London and also north in search of work amongst the mills of Lancashire.  The modern-day Spurretts in Ashton-under-Lyme, Dunkinfield, Kendal, Stockport and Manchester are descended from Richard.

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