Banbury Oxfordshire

The Banbury Spurretts are an amazing story of rags to riches in a small number of generations.  William SPURRUT born around 1640 is thought to another descendant of Robert SPURRETT of Stow-on-the-Wold and had a smallholding in Epwell, near Banbury. Over the course of four generations they became significant players in the hey-day of Victorian Banbury becoming leading traders and politicians, two of which when on to become Town Majors.   The then wealthy Spurretts of Banbury married into the wealthy PAGET family of Leicester and following a succession of female children, the name became extinct.

However, one branch of the Banbury Spurretts remained poor and were travellers (sojourners) from the Neithrop district of Banbury.  They travelled around the Wooton and Woodstock area and had four sons there.   The eldest son, Thomas b. 1752, became a traveller around the Faringdon, Uffington, Wantage area, occasionally being joined by the youngest son, Robert.  Robert had two sons, Richard and Robert in 1781 and 1783, who went on to establish substantial branches of Spurretts in Bampton and Hexham, Northamptonshire. 

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