London Spurretts

As with many English families with a long heritage in the South of England, disparate generations were drawn to London.  This has led to many ‘cells’ of London SPURRETTs being established over the last four hundred years but they are not necessarily related directly related to each other, except through distant relations from outside of the capital.  It seems that within each ‘cell’ there are examples of successful people and also destitution.  We have records of paupers being ‘removed’ to their place of origins as well as a trusted servant to the Earl of Burlington, who became a London Gent.     

The first SPURRETT to venture to London was Nathaneol b.1582, son of Anthonie.  This branch of the family was short-lived as his only daughter died of a fever (likely the plague) in 1635 in Brussels as a martyred Franciscan nun. 

Samson b.1711 and Shadrick b.1791 were descended from the Spurretts of the Lambourn Downs and settled in St Marylebone and Westminster districts respectively.  There are other ‘cells’ of Spurretts in Walworth and Westminster that I cannot yet be linked to the larger Spurrett tree with any certainty, but are most definitely related.  There seem to be a mixture of professions including chandlers, bakers, and the usual traders including a ‘pedlar of bottle brushes’.

One of the larger groups of related Spurretts was just south of the Thames around Bermondsey, Southwark, and Newington.  These are descended from George Spurrett born around 1790 and include two families who emigrated to Australia; one in the early 1800’s and one in the 1970’s.  There are living Spurretts in London, Kent and Australia who are descended from this branch.

In addition to those who migrated to London, there are several Spurretts with occupational links to London that show up in the records.  Several Victorian Spurrett girls from Aston, Oxfordshire were trained in the Aston Training School for domestic service and several of these became servants of London families at very young ages.  The Showmen of Aston had the London fairs as part of their circuit, especially Wandsworth and Battersea.    

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