Spurretts of Yorkshire

Aside from sporadic mentions of medieval Spurretts, the furthest back that Spurretts can be traced is to William SPORRETT of Woodhouse, near Burnsall in Wharfedale, who died in 1574.  It is thought that William had a brother Thomas in nearby Pateley Bridge.

William had a smallholding but it was insufficient to maintain his family of five sons and one daughter.  The eldest son remained in Burnsall leading to seven generations of Spurretts but the rest gradually migrated to Ripon, Easingwold, and Skipton in Yorkshire and, in the case of Anthonie, much further to the South.  Anthonie’s incredible journey to Cambridge University, and then Worcester and Stow-on-the-Wold is described here. William’s brother Thomas had children that move further south in Yorkshire to Bardsley and from there onto Cowthorpe and Leeds.  There remain living SPURRETTs in this area who are descended from this branch. 

The marriage of John SPURRIT in 1742 in Cowthorpe was recorded as John SPEARRITT and all of his descendants took the name SPEARRITT. This modification of the name has survived to this day and there are living descendants of this branch in Liverpool and Manchester, as well Australia following the emigration of James SPEARRITT, born in 1827. 

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